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Sri Lakshmi Janardhana Swamy Temple

Title: Sri Lakshmi Janardhana Swamy Temple

Bylahalli is synonymous Iyengar bakery. Come Dhannur masa end All the Iyengar Bakery Owners and workers assemble at Bylahalli a small village situated in beautiful Hassan district which is lush with greenery all around. Yes Two days before the Shankaranthi the annual Ratho Ustavam is held in a grand manner All are welcome and grand feast is held in the village irrespective Poor or rich mingle and pull the Ratham. Once you enter the Bylahalli and get down from the bus a Majestic Rajagopuram ,Now let us go deep into the Sthala Purana of this Divya Kshetram : It was the time when Gargeya Rishi was doing penance at Bylahalli , then he had a dream one day Lord Vardharaja of Kanchi telling that he Archa Moorthy is there in Putthu near the place where he does his anushtanam.. Near Bylahalli there is a Nadi known as Eguchi and it is also known as Kala Nadi (Thirutu Nadi) , because river will be silent and all of sudden there will be flood and then within no time the river will be back to normal. Then Mysore Maharaja wanted to gift some land to the deserving personal , so he formed a committee and asked them to tour throughout the state and let him known who is the eligible person to receive the sanmanam of Land which he wanted to gift. The team reached Bylahalli then heavy flood came but where Gargeya Rishi was doing penance nothing happened there . Then team member were struck up there, but they noticed Gargeya was doing penance without any disturbance. Then the team decided the person who should receive the sanmanam is none other than Gargeya Rishi So Maharaja gifted Bylahalli and other places to Gargeya . Gargeya went near the Putthu ( Snake Pit) and He discovered the Idol of Lord Vardharaja , He installed his idol there and he raised a temple there . The Putthu is there in Garbha Graham even now. Then over the days People called Vardharaja as Lord Lakshmi Janardhana Swami. There is no Thayar Sannidhi , The MahA Lakshmi is in Vrashasthalam of Lord Janardhana. A beautiful Uthsavar of Janardhana with Sri & Bhoo Devi is there. Vigraham of Namalwar, Ramanuja etc. are also there. It is would not be out of place to mention all the Iyengar bakeries Owners hail from Bylahalli and it surrounding Ashta Grama.

The Temple Timings are Daily Morning 8.00 Am to 12.00 Pm and Evening 5.30 Pm to 8.30 Pm.

Sri Lakshmi Janardhana Swamy Temple, Bylahalli ,Hassan,Karnataka,Pin:581173
Nearby cities: Hassan, Arsikere ಅರಸೀಕೆರೆ,, Channarayapatna

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