Huchappa Gopala , Shree Venugopala Swamy Temple , HEMMARAGALA Grama.

Title :
Huchappa Gopala.

Description :
The reason behind calling "Huchappa" is for , some ago back a Raja has no children , he prayed to lord Gopala to give him a blessing of having children, after few days they had a baby girl and after done with all pooja to Lord Gopala in the next morning that baby girl was turned to baby boy , by seeing it Raja started to call this god as Huchappa Gopala .

Speciality :
There is "Shantana Sudharshana Chakra" in his path. This meant for having a power of giving Childrens those who are not having childrens for long period of time.

There is a Stike , one of the swamiji before dying he transfered all his power in to this strike. This stike is used to curing all type of problems to those who comes there.

Sharpa Doosha , there is a power of curing Sharpa Doosha.

Address :

Shree Venugopala Swamy Temple,
Nanjangud Taluk,
Mysore District ,

Driving directions to HEMMARAGALA Grama
8.0 km – about 9 mins

Nanjangudu, Karnataka
Head east on R P Rd
1.0 km
Sharp right
toward SH 57

1.6 km
Continue straight
onto SH 57

5.4 km

HEMMARAGALA Grama, Karnataka

Map :

Route Map to Hedathale and Hemmaragala from Nanjangud :

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  1. Can you please let me know about the opening and closing time of this templef

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  2. Cn i have the contact telephone numbers of the

  3. can you please let me know about the opening and closing time of this temple and telephone number of the temple. my email id is my name is sankarshan shukla

  4. hi can anyone please help me to get the exact location of Jalkanteshwara temple that was aired in heegu unte almost a year back on I am trying to get the location in vain. I have visited BC Road near Mangalore, aswell as Tumkur near Bangalore. I stay in Maharastra. please let me know.

  5. can you please tell me about the opening and closing time of huchhappa,venugoapalaswami temple and telephone number of the temple. my email id is

  6. Bhattar's Details:

    Sri N Veeraraghavan
    Pradhana Archakar
    Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple

  7. thanks a lot ......... really a gud information

  8. Last week i had visited to venugoapalaswami temple its really power full temple,from bangalore around 175 km distance is there,from mysore to nangangudu local and volvo buses are there, but from to nangangudu privte buses are there,and autoriksha are there but they witll charge 250Rs for pick and drop to nangangudu,and Power full stike diksha give only in SAT and SUNDAY 6 am to 6 pm.

  9. The Route Map given in this blog is not showing the Hemmaragala and Hedathale correctly..

    Please check it in the site

    The Route Map to Hedathale and Hemmaragala is at:

  10. Hi Friends..

    I have marked the places Hedathale and Hemmaragala Villages in Google Maps..

    You can check it in Google Maps or check it in the Nanjangud website

    ( )

  11. Thanks, mentioned map is added in this post.

  12. both the numbers given doen not connect at al for any information

  13. last week we visited the temple...the journey was good till nanjangud..but later part of the journey is little strainfull..but there are plenty of private buses..but you need to go to the private bus stop which is adajacent to railway station...the temple is openend from 6am to 6pm..on all days and Power full stike diksha is given only in SAT and would be helpfull if u preprae all the pooja items well before as there a only less number of shops..

  14. we tried contacting the telephone numbers that are given but they do not work.

    moreover, what is the purpose of giving the stike that is powerful only on saturday and sundays when there is a large crowd and many people who visit will not be able to complete their wishes by the stike

    hence would be useful if the stike is given atleast on two week days when some of us can also visit those days and avoid being disappointed

    added to this please provide the correct number of the temple

  15. can anyone please tell how much kms it is far from mysore.??
    if we reach to Mysore sunday morning 8am, then at what time can we reach the temple by completing the all journey..?
    you can also reply on this email id..
    its bit urgent, as very soon i am planning to go there...
    The known people pleas do reply soon...!!!

  16. Whatever information given above is really good,
    Thanks a lot to them(!!

  17. I visited to Hucchappa gopala temple. Saturday and sundays are good to visit. Route-> Mysore ->Nanjangud -> Hemmaragala.
    Direct Bus available from Nanjangud Temple at 6:45am to Hemmaragala.(

  18. Can anyone tell what all pooja items to be taken for stick diksha.

  19. I visited the temple on 07.02.2010. We went by private taxi. There was a mad rush of people around 1000 and above. The crowd was not orgnized. it is better the temple people take some initiative and orgnize the crowd . People were standing in multiple lines. And some influetial people were allowed inside from side and by pass the Q. This was very very disheartening. One more sad state of affair is that the temple prakara is so dirty that it has not been swept for ages. The main archakar who does pooja should pay attention to the cleaning part of the temple prakara. As this comes under mujrahi department, the department also should provide manpower and money to these activities. Hope someone will read this and take action on maintenance of the temple.

  20. We visited the temple on Saturday morning at around 10.30 am.

    There was not much of a crowd. However, there was no one to guide us there properly. Suddenly i found that to my left four persons were standing and that one person inside was placing something on their head. Immdtly i told my family this must be the stike and we went . the person who was inside just placed the stike on our head we had to ask questions and then find the answer. even though not much of a crowd, the persons who were there kept on telling us to move forward.

    luckily the shop keepers who are selling puja items told us about the lime to be taken and what to do.

    we did accordingly. the main archaka or the people who are there never bother to inform us about this famous temple

    added to this, it seems the phone number is switched off since many people trouble the person there is no phone facility

    however due to our faith we could visit the temple and prayed

    the road from Mysore to Nanjangud is horrible But the road from Nanjangud to the temple is very very good.

  21. hi folks

    can i get the details about what pooja items should carry with us and how to perfom pooja.please write to my mail to

    thanks in advance.


    venu gopal reddy

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  23. Can somebody tell me the exact address of the Huchappa Gopala Temple,Pls send an email to below Email Id

  24. Hello everyone,

    I had recently been to this temple and here are the updated details:

    Sri Santhana Venugopala Swamy Temple (Sri Koundinya Maharshi Sri Sudarshana Narasimha Kshetra),
    Hemmargala, Nanjangud Taluq, Mysore District, Karnataka

    N Veeraraghavan (Archakar) / Madhusudan (Archakar)
    9611833798, 8277420530, 9343046431

    May the God's blessing shower on everyone !

    Happy Darshan !

  25. Hi, Can you please share Album details of Krishna song(Played from 15:02)?

  26. can you send me the poojas for childdless couples. i am from trivandrum kerala. my email



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