Monday, March 31, 2008

Chowdeshwari Temple

This might be, sorry this is the only temple in the world where Goddess Parvathi is residing in form of SRI Chowdeshwari Devi...which is considered to be the rudra swaroopa of goddess parvathi.
If u want to have darshana of goddess Chowdeshwari then u need to make (arike) a wish which come true then u will go have darshana of this goddess and also that u'll do pradakshina of this temple by carrying a block mud/brick with which main door is closed for 365 days .
This temple is opended for darshana of SRI Cowdeshwari Devi only for 36hrs in 365days.
Means this temple is closed for the rest of 363 1/4 days, and on the day of darshan they have a huge ceremony to demolish the wall thats been constructed with mud,bricks and coconut water.and once its demolish to have darshana of goddess there a (diya) lamp which will still be burning with no support of oxygen for 365days ...ear the goddess.

This goddess is very powerful and makes all wish come true if u bow u head with full faith,trust and respect. any problems that u face or u have just think of this goddess and owe that u'll come to see her and carry the brick/mud on your head and do pradakshina of that temple.....Surely all ur wish will come true...

Mandya --->>Maduru Taluk---->>YamanaHalli----->> Chowdeshwari Temple..

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  1. Please can u post this episode videos, So that we can see the goddesses Chowdeshawari......

    Bharath kumar

  2. which day the temple will be open in 365 days. Could you please provide more details


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