Sunday, February 10, 2008

Muneshwara Temple

There is a huge Baniyan Tree which has a power of curing any human problems. Near by villagers believe that by sleeping under this tree for one night can get rid of all sorts problems. There are villagers who had and have seen the mystical powers of this Baniyan Tree.It can also be said as a Kalppa Vruksha in this 21st century,which can make ur wishes come true.
So here comes a Question how come this tree is so powerful in get rid of all problems and fulfills human wishes,
So, here's the ans for this question under this tree is a small temple of LORD MUNIESHWARA (VANNA DEVETHE / Brother of Goddess Parvathi and Bro in Law of Lord Shiva).
He is the one bcoz of which this tree is so powerful,in curing any human disability,any kind of problem let it be job,marriage,personal relationship any thing that u don't have a solution this tree is an ans to ur question.
To get solution to ur problem u needs to do only one think,keep faith in the god and spend time by sleeping under this tree;
But make sure that u don't harm this tree eg, don't even think abt climbing this tree, break the branches, any thing which is against the rules,bcoz after doing so this lead towards opposite result and can harm u unless u confess ur sins/mistakes. And also there as lots of huge Poisonous Snakes around Which will harm only if harm the snake or the tree.People say that LORD MUNIESHWARA is seen near this tree during no moon day /full moon day and this whole place will glow as if the Lord has reincarnated ...


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  1. Hi, this is nice information. Can you tell me how to get to this place from Bangalore and also advise is there any arrangement for food at this place ?


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